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This is a HD (720P, 1280x960) recorder


Tops and Flops


  • Very quick boot (you can start capturing in less than 4 seconds)
  • Good microphone, not stereo but still very good.
  • Very simple software and hardware, so very fast use with minimal learning.


  • No image setting at all (all you can do is set time/date, noise when using keys and red recording light).
  • It's not doing a good job in dark environment (lots of noise) and specially if your device has defective pixels, you can see them very nicely (I have one on my device, but you can't see it when in sun ligntning, and you can always make some editing to remove it on the computer if needed).

Tips and Tricks

Battery charging

If you have some charging battery problem (like "It's Hot! ... charging paused." or battery showing red even with 4 hours of charging before) you have to know two things:

  • First, the red battery while charging isn't always showing, just when the device boot up. Usually it'll update to the real battery state within seconds. If it doesn't, you can try unplugging and replugging again (not too fast).
  • If this issue is still here, or if charging is paused because of temperature, you can try to unplug your device, remove batteries, place them back in the holder and plug USB again. This should be fine.

Hard reset

  • This link tells us how to make a hard reset. It's quite lame but anyway, it can be good to know that. You have to pull out the batteries and let the device stay unpowered for two days. I don't know in which situations you could be meant to do this but, if needed, here it is.

Bundled software (FlipShare)

  • The latest version (and the one in the devices) seems to be 4.5 (although the 4.1.4 is available on the website as the "latest" version). So you won't need to download it.
  • If you want to disable the program for autorun, don't try to delete it, it won't save space for movie on your memory (still 2 hours, even if you remove more than 100 MB of software, approx. 2 minutes of movie), and the software will always try to reinstall it on the drive. Instead, just rename or remove (or change) autorun.inf and here you go (the installed program will still pops up when you plug your device though, because it got a daemon constantly waiting for the device).
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